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Save Stray Cats in Ajman

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Save Stray Cats in Ajman

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A family group based in Ajman, SharjahThis page is mainly created – To bring an awareness in people to come out and take a stand for all the injured animals, abused and abandoned dogs and cats, that you find on the road, neighborhood or surroundings.


Let us come together as ONE to stop animal cruelty and become a VOICE against such acts. When you see such acts do not just walk away, instead report it to the nearest police station or approach nearest NGO’s or contact nearest veterinary doctor.


In times of need all the animals seek a helping hand from we humans. Probably it may not make any differences to us, but it does for that Animal who we saved!!



Climate Force Challenge

We’re asking all our Roots & Shoots group members to challenge themselves to make changes to their lifestyles to reduce their CO2 usage (find out more here).

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Peace, Love , Rescue Stray Animals – U A E .

It’s a sad but true fact that there’s way too many stray cats and cats & dogs in the UAE who need loving homes – many have been abandoned by expats leaving the country. That’s where Save Stray Cats in Ajman / Sharjah UAE come in. They’re a group indiual rescue group saving, feeding, organising […]

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