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We are the Dauth family currently based in Dubai, UAE. Our family has committed to  making a difference in our community and having a positive impact on the environment by actively initiating sustainable and environmentally driven initiatives. We love to be outdoors and we care for the environment in which we depend on. We are not perfect but we plan to make a positive difference and set an example of how fun protecting our environment can be. Our family is made up of dad + mom and Melanie, Charles and Jack. We have decided to name our family initiative unit ‘Dauthability’ meaning the family who has the ability to be part of the solution by promoting sustainable activities. 



Climate Force Challenge

We’re asking all our Roots & Shoots group members to challenge themselves to make changes to their lifestyles to reduce their CO2 usage (find out more here).

Here's how Dauthability are doing:

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Find out more about how Dauthability are doing on their CFC Dashboard.