Sustainability Day – Best Out of Waste Dress Making’ (ECO Fashionista Competition)

The year 2023 is dedicated to sustainability, under the theme, ‘Today for Tomorrow’. This initiative draws upon the UAE’s values of sustainability and the legacy of its Founding President, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The special event held on 26th October 2023 aimed to instill in our young learners a sense of responsibility towards the environment while fostering their creativity and imagination and creating an outfit by working together along with their parents.

On 26th October, Mayoor celebrated Sustainability Day with a variety of activities and events aimed at raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices among students and staff. The School Eco club announced the launch of several new sustainability initiatives at the school, including a sustainable zone in each classroom, zero food/general waste campaign, reduce the use of single use plastic, recycling challenge and KG sustainable fashion show. Students and staff learned about a variety of environmental issues and sustainable practices.

Parents along with their children worked together to brainstorm ideas and select materials from a wide array of discarded fabrics, paper, plastics, and other items. The event was marked by a palpable sense of excitement and collaboration, with each team striving to create unique and sustainable outfits.

As the day progressed, the transformation of waste into wearable art was truly impressive.

We encourage everyone (students & staff) to bring their own reusable water bottle, spoon, straw, carry bags, utensils, and food containers to school.

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