Reflecting on the Roots & Shoots Awards by Mariam – Eco-Heroes President

Hi, my name is Mariam, and I am delighted to share a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the Clarion and Roots & Shoots Community.

The Roots & Shoots Awards ceremony at Expo City was an amazing and innovative event, but the most exciting part was meeting the smart, wise, and kind Dr Jane Goodall herself.

It was amazing to see her in person, let alone talk to and present to her. I was absolutely thrilled to share this experience with my peers and Ms. Roisin. The Roots & Shoots Awards ceremony was a fantastic event that honoured the top 9 most eco-friendly schools in the UAE. Many different schools presented their projects, and our school decided to present Bokashi composting, which is a fun and easy way to stop household waste from going to landfills. What’s unique about Bokashi is the fact that you can put almost any leftovers in there.

Dr Jane Goodall inspired me when she said, “Even though we have ruined your future, there is still hope if everyone does their part.” I was inspired because, even though Dr Jane Goodall is almost 90, she still has hope and faith in humanity and trusts us to save the earth.

This unique opportunity would not have been possible without Ms. Roisin and Ms. Nina (Anoushka and Isaac’s mom, the Clarion Community Garden, and the Bokashi innovative founder) so a special thank you to them both!

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