With gratitude

Having a community garden that is student-centered and parent-run builds community and gives students and families a sense of ownership and pride over the space. (Not to mention shared concern when things don’t go as planned…think caterpillars in the amaranth or dry, dead, plants after summer!) Students carry out the gardening tasks, while parents do their best to keep an eye on the big picture, and support students through this process.

However, often there are things that are beyond the capacity of students and parents, and this is where our fabulous facilities team come in. These guys quite literally do the heavy lifting when it comes to our community garden. They carry and lift, they repaint and repair, and they source the materials necessary to keep the space functioning. Most recently they resurfaced the garden and moved the full planter beds, and we know this is certainly not the first time that they have done this.

In the lead up to Clarion’s Gratitude Day on Friday, we want to say a big, public THANK YOU to our facilities team for all of their help with the garden! We hope you enjoyed our first harvest of the season from the garden.




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