Composting in Pre KB – a family affair

Last year, Pre KB fully embraced composting and were, without a doubt, Clarion’s most prolific composting champions!  Armed with only a row of bokashi buckets, these tiny eco heroes managed to keep over 70kg of food waste out of landfill between December and June.

They achieved this by enlisting their families and bringing food waste from home. Every morning the children arrived at their classroom carrying scraps from the previous evening and breakfast that morning.

Their efforts had an impact beyond the classroom as well. Parents explained that their children were noticing and commenting on food waste, and that this was changing their family’s habits.

Children in Pre KB followed the journey of their leftovers from the bokashi bucket to the compost tumbler or directly into the ground. They themselves filled the tumbler and dug into the soil. They observed the transformation of food scraps into beautiful, nutrient-rich compost or soil that feeds plants. They observed and experienced, in the words of one Pre KB student, that ‘nature really is magic’!

Let’s see which classes follow in Pre KB’s footsteps in this academic year!

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