Building our own soil factory!

What is a soil factory?

A soil factory is where you create nutrient-rich soil that’s perfect for composting and potting plants. It’s like store-bought compost, but you have complete control over what goes into it!

How will a soil factory help in my garden?

Using a soil factory can be incredibly helpful for your garden. During the winter, when the ground is frozen and tough to dig, a soil factory is the perfect place to store your bokashi pre-compost. And in the summer, when every inch of space is valuable, a soil factory is a great alternative to burying pre-compost in the ground. Plus, it’s an easy and low-maintenance way to produce compost all year round!

The K1 learners are committed to their part to save the planet, one Bokashi bucket at a time! With excitement in their eyes, they eagerly weighed their buckets, curious to see just how much waste they had diverted from the landfill and added to Clarion’s Bokashi meter.

After crunching the numbers, it was time to get their hands dirty. With shovels in hand, they dug up 1/3 of their soil and added the magical Bokashi mix. With glee, they mixed it all up and topped it off with the remaining soil, covering it up for the weeks to come.

But what’s so magical about Bokashi, you ask? Well, the carbon from the food scraps doesn’t get released into the atmosphere, which means that more of the goodness from their food scraps is making its way into the soil. It’s a win-win situation for both their garden and the environment!

These kids are true environmental superheroes, saving the world one bucket of Bokashi at a time!

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