Mission Updates

Afforestation Week

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Dunes international school always strives to make our students aware towards the environment.

With a noble mission of making our surroundings …

Inspiring Green Mentor Award and
Inspiring Climate School Award

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‘Inspiring Green Mentor Award’ and ‘Inspiring Climate School Award’ 2019
Green Mentors – an International organization that is powered by Law …

Environment Week Activities

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“Our Environment provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed,” are the wise words of Mahatma …

Bangladesh students focus on saving endangered species

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Students at Bangladesh School raised awareness on conservation of endangered species of the UAE by holding a rally …

Featured Nursery – Little Smarties Nursery

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Established in 2007, Little Smarties Nursery is a successful educational provider that has developed a unique, distinctive and high quality educational …