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Practice of Sustainable Diet

Perfect way to reduce carbon foot print on cooking by GEMS UIS students. A hearty meal is easy to order …

Baqala visit – Mission to Zero

GEMS United Indian School always stands for positive changes for a greener and cleaner environment. EAD started to implement the single-use plastic policy on June 1st, 2022 in all hypermarkets and supermarkets, but baqala still uses them. The Eco warriors of UIS made an awareness campaign-Mission to Zero in their local baqala to reduce the usage of single-use carry bags for delivering goods in their shops and many agreed to stop the usage of single use plastic carry bags. The baqala tour was indeed a new and different experience for all the participants. It helped them to spread awareness to local groceries so they can be aware of risks of using single use plastic and also benefited them. All of them thanked EAD & School for the initiative.

Design The Line

“Let’s nurture the nature so that we can have a better future!”

Garment industry creates 92 million tonnes of textile waste …

GEMS UIS witnesses the cordial visit of Ms. Tara Golshan


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GEMS United Indian School Commemorated the International Day Of PEACE with the theme Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable …