American Community School Spring Update

Trying to find ways to make others aware of NOT wasting food is a constant challenge. A recent article highlighted that the UAE is trying to reduce the 100 milliong tons of food that ends up in a landfill every year This video takes a look at our own cafeteria. Food Waste – Through Students Eyes (see below).

Pandas, Rainforests and Palm Oil – This presentation and a movie about Palm Oil (see below). was a collaboration of several students who learned how so many issues are interconnected.

Grade 7 students created a game board and challenged the elementary students to cover the board with medallion representing a certain amount of ring tabs.. For example collecting 300 ring tabs would result in a free basketball for students at a school in the Philippines with Purple Community Fund. Students worked together to collect over 33,000 ring pull tabs. These are upscaled into products that are sold internationally.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 5.54.39 PM copy

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