Inter School SDG Project

Al Saad Indian School took part in the 1st edition of the ‘Inter school SDG knowledge exchange program’ organized by Bhavans Bahrain. This challenge, which included more than 8 schools, focused on educating students on the UN SDGs.

As a part of this challenge, ASIS focused on SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG 3- Good Health and Wellbeing.

Under SDG 9, students of ASIS made a large-scale model of a Sustainable City which aimed at using all natural resources and renewable energy sources to power the city. This model stands as an inspiration for what can be done now to move away from Climate Change.

Under SDG 3, the students made a video on the pressing global pandemics and epidemics while educating everyone on precautionary measures. In addition, the school spread awareness regarding good health and reiterated the importance of the Healthy Food Chart.

By doing this, ASIS is a step further towards making our community Sustainable!

Abhiram Krishna

SDG Ambassador ASIS


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