Organic Farming with Vine Communities


Mr. Mike had taught us the differences of Organic-farming, and In-Organic farming. We learnt what our plants need, such as bonemeal. He also taught us what nutrients plants need to survive. We also learned how to use tools, such as spades and bow-rakes. We made compost by stacking dry and wet material, and took it home. We learned methods of how to make compost by digging a hole, filling it with compost. Either cover it with a plastic lid etc. or fill the hole and dig it up later. We planted potatoes, flowers and seeds by using special rows. The first type of row looked like a domino piece and was arranged like a chessboard and the second type were like lines on a notebook but vertical. One important detail we had to remember when we were planting, was that each plant needed an amount of space. That way, our plants wouldn’t fight over nutrients and water. We put not only bonemeal, but red clay and chicken manor. We had to put a certain amount of water. Not too much, and not too little. Just enough.

Abdullah Hassan & Abdurehman Hassan

Last month we went to Mushrif park ( Umm Al Emarat park) for learning organic farming. Mike taught us about the different tools used for farming and he explained about staggering and making holes for planting. The second day, Mike taught us how to make compost using dry leaves, fruits and vegetables. Then, we all planted our seeds and flowers in our respective plant beds. He also taught us how to water plants carefully by going back and forth. We had lots of fun and enjoyed very much. It was a great learning experience for us homeschoolers.

Raihan Riaz

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2 Responses to Organic Farming with Vine Communities

  1. Hera Mazhar says:

    It was a fun, productive day. The kids came home with lots of ideas and have been applying the techniques learned in their home gardens.

  2. Sagal says:

    My daughter really enjoyed this class. She’s always sharing all the gems she learned and applying what she learned at home. So grateful to Mike for sharing his vast knowledge with our kids.

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